$100 Home Office Makeover: Painting Progress and Furniture Re-Arrangement (Day 2)

This is the second post in a series about revamping the largest room in my house to serve as a home office.  

It’s now Thursday. Here’s what I need to finish before Saturday morning:

  • Two more walls to paint
  • All of the wood trim along the carpet needs to be painted white
  • Put all the furniture / computers back into place

Some bits of advice from the first day:

  • Don’t let being alone slow you down – you’ll be amazed at how much you can do just by yourself! This is a one-person effort so far, and I shouldn’t need any help from Jim until it’s time to actually move furniture into position.
  • You should spend the five minutes it takes to cover the room in plastic This will save you horrible heartbreak and pain later if (when) you drizzle some paint somewhere you didn’t mean to.
  • Do that crazy thing you want to do with paint colors – I wasn’t sure my white and grey combo would look fab, so I started in the corner where the colors meet. They look fab.
  • Just keep going, get it done! I worked from about 9am to 7pm yesterday, will do the same today and tomorrow. When you are doing a big project, the most important thing is to just. keep. going!!


Layout before:

Layout after (including Freebie Desk!):



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