Inspiration: Small Dining Room

In searching for “ideas for small dining room” (because we have a small dining room) I found this awesome bookshelf on – where or where is it from?!  They don’t cite a source, unfortunately.

I love it because:

  • It’s painted white, yay painted wood!
  • It’s got open areas for nice stuff and doors for hiding storage stuff (you can never have enough storage)
  • No glass doors to open/close to get to the nice stuff.
  • Bonus shelf on TOP!


No one ACTUALLY eats in this room.

I also love the rug, but I’m still debating whether we’re too messy for a rug right under our eating table.  I think we might be too messy for it.  We’ve already proven incapable of keeping placemats and tablecloths clean, I doubt a rug is going to fare much better.

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