Start Freakin’? Yard Leakin’!

This is the first post in a series about our front-yard water line emergency that occupied much of the Thanksgiving holiday week.

Today’s breakfast was abruptly ended when a guy from our water utility banged on our door.  The exchange:

Him: Your meter’s running non stop, it’s like you have a shower on full blast day and night.  Fix this!


We quickly ruled out exploding toilets, gushing faucets, and tsunamis in the shower.

My fears immediately turned to the crawlspace under the house.  Were we in the process of getting an in-house pool?  Nope – crawl space was as dry (and as creepy) as ever.

In the crawlspace I shut off the house’s water supply,  but the meter at the curb kept running, indicating that somewhere between  curb and our house itself we had a big break. We were losing water with every passing minute.  The water bill was skyrocketing, and all that water had to be going…somewhere.  Not in our house, yet, but perhaps soon.

There is only one thing to do: get on the phone with a plumber and fix this ASAP.

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