Disneyland 2013 Quotes



Here’s some of the ridiculous stuff we said along the way. 

“That was ANOTHER Mater.” – Jim discovering a bit of Disney magic

“I FEEL FINE!!!!!!!!” – Jim’s pure delight after riding the Tower with no ill effects

“Today was great because I saw Genie twerking Jafar” – Jim after the Aladdin stage show

“Are you ready? ARE YOU READY??” – Me on the very first Splash Mountain hill climb
“Yes.” – Jim, bracing for a big drop

“WHAT!” – Jim, realizing the first climb is a fake-out and there is no drop there

“I like eating park food.  My parents wouldn’t let us, it was just ‘Here’s a peanut butter jelly sandwich that’s been in my purse all day'”.  – Jim, on the luxuries of eating in the park

“I’m gonna need a breakfast soon.” – Me
“I’m sure there’s an ice cream place open somewhere” – Jim

“No one told me we were doing Flash Mountain!!” – Me, upon realizing I was the only person in the boat who didn’t pull their shirt up or off

“HOW DO YOU DO?! FINE, HOW ARE YOU?”  – Us singing along on Splash Mountain, and on the walk back to our hotel, and in our hotel, and at the airport, and at home…

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