Free Corner Magic

The “Free Corner”, as we’ve come to call the SW corner of our property, is a magical place. Anything we’ve put here with a “FREE” sign on it has disappeared, sometimes within an hour. We’ve offered up decorative shelving, plastic chair mats, ancient yard tools, decorative cabinets, and more, and it’s all disappeared.

Sunday’s Free Corner Special was a “Cook’n Ca’jun II” with rust on the inside and eight cans of various bright colors of latex paint.


These items were left to us by the previous owner and disposing of them through “proper channels” has proven difficult. I was convinced a rusted grill and paint from 2003 was beyond the capabilities of the Free Corner, but this stuff was gone by evening. Woohoo!

I like to think that giving to the Free Corner pays into some larger “free stuff karma” account. We’ve definitely withdrawn more from the Freebie account than we’ve put in: a great nightstand for our guest bed, a large mirror we use in the garage gym, an office chair I use in my sewing room, and a large IKEA desktop that I’m typing on right now, all neighborhood “Free” items, all in fantastic condition.


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