Refinishing the Master Bathroom Vanity, Day 4

It’s enamel day! But first, I’m going to scrape out all this shitty shelf paper from the 70s.  The shelf paper has always been torn and stained and half-missing, so the way it looks in this photo is actually how it looked all the time.


The primer’s dry so I started first thing this morning in hopes of having enough time to do two coats before bedtime.  The can recommends a 16 hour dry time, but I used a 10 hour dry time between coats on my kitchen cabinets and nothing exploded so…

My supplies:


This is a straightforward process: take the paint from the bucket, get it on the brush and the roller, and apply it to the primed surfaces.  Avoid pooling and dripping – multiple thin coats > fewer thick drippy coats.




Here you can see the primed shelves within the cabinet.  They’ll get the same primer and enamel treatment, which should hold up fine to the occasional shampoo bottle shuffle. Much better than the nasty paper!


That’s where I left it today around noon.  I’ll come back around 8pm and do another thin layer on everything.

I put the finishing touches on everything the next day.

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