Yes, you can have Frontier FIOS without a landline

frontier_logoI know, it’s 2013, who the heck still has a landline?

We did, for two reasons:

  1. Verizon told us we had to get the phone line in order to get FIOS, and we believed ’em. (Verizon has since sold the FIOS service to Frontier, and maybe the rules changed along the way.)
  2. We liked using our Plantronics cordless headset for long weekend phone chats with our parents and didn’t know how to use it with an iPhone (yet)

But it was ridiculous to pay $50 a month for a landline and $250 a month for our iPhones – that’s one more phone line than we have people!

Something had to go.

Now, there seems to be some confusion online about whether it’s possible to have Frontier FIOS without a landline, so I’m writing this to say that yes, you can have FIOS without a landline.  We called Frontier to request dropping the landline, and yes, it was possible (thanks, Frontier).  We are now a FIOS-only home – no landline, no TV, just FIOS internet.  This cut our monthly bill almost in half.

I have been very happy with my FIOS Internet for the last three years and being able to cut a service I wasn’t using is the kind of good service I expect from companies I choose to do business with.

Stay awesome, Frontier.




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