Top Gun Plumbing Review (Puget Sound)

This is my own review of a Puget Sound area business. I was not paid or perked to write this review – I just want to help get the word out about Top Gun!

Top Gun Plumbing has fixed my house’s sorry plumbing twice in the last year and a half:

  1. When the water line under our driveway broke, spilling thousands of dollars worth of water into the ground
  2. When my hot water tank blew a leak

We also got a gas line estimate from them – they were the lowest of three separate estimates. We did not move forward with this project, but just throwing it out there – Top Gun also does gas lines.

Top Gun Plumbing Review

Top Gun is basically my go-to plumber. Plumbing emergencies are not fun, but thanks to Top Gun I feel pretty confident that they’ll have me covered next time water starts gushing out of something.

Top Gun’s got it all: fast phone responses, knowledgeable and friendly workers, same- and next-day work, and the best pricing. For two completely separate projects (a new water line and a new gas line) Top Gun’s pricing beat the two competitors I also got quotes from.

Nice extras:

  • Their paperwork is legible!
  • They arrive exactly when they say they will!
  • They call before they arrive!
  • They get permits for their work when required! (Beacon Plumbing did not even mention a permit, but they were in a hurry to dig up my yard and charge me $7000 for the project Top Gun did for $3500).

New Water Line

Back in November 2012, our main water line (which runs under the driveway between our water meter and our house) blew a leak. A huge leak. This leak went undetected for a couple days until the water utility came out to tell us to knock it off – we had racked up over $1100 in water usage. Holy crap.

I got estimates from three companies:

  • Beacon Plumbing, who wanted to hose me for $8100 and never mentioned a permit
  • Puget Sound Plumbing and Heating who estimated the job at $5000
  • Top Gun who did the job for $3500 and didn’t tear up my yard like Beacon wanted to. (They also got a permit for the work)

Top Gun’s first day on the job set us up with a temporary water line (it’s basically a hose).  They then brought in some fancy digging equipment to tunnel under our driveway, and the new line went in a few days later. Damage to our yard was minimal – they put the grass “chunks” back into place for me and it all healed up in a few months.

Top Gun Plumbing Review. Top Gun did a great job on my water line replacement.

This was a huge, messy job, but Top Gun Plumbing did fantastic work.

Everyone who came out to work on the job was friendly and skilled (they even worked in almost non-stop rain).

New Hot Water Tank

This one’s a shorter story: our hot water tank was old and crappy (and its demise was not unexpected). One day it just started spraying water out the top. Top Gun came out within hours and put in a shiny new one for just over a thousand bucks.


Top Gun Plumbing replaced my hot water tank the same day my old one blew its top. This is a picture of the new hot water tank.


I love Top Gun Plumbing. I wrote this review a full year after both projects were completed, and the work they did has held up perfectly.

PS: I know you’re thinking it, so I’ll say it. DANGER ZONE!

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