About the House

We’re “house people” – we like to customize and improve our living space, not worry about putting holes in the walls or putting up with the crappy appliances landlords buy for tenant units.

We house-hunted aggressively for 9 months in search of a place that was close to work, large enough to house two people with nothing but indoor hobbies, and in our price range.  We were ready for a fixer-upper, but it had to be structurally sound.  We became experts in our local market.

Finally, in October ’10 we found it.  Two stories, about 2200 square feet, with three bedrooms and four (!) bathrooms.   That’s a couple more toilets than we really need, but hey, we won’t complain.  Built in 1977, it’s located a few miles east of Seattle in a nice looking neighborhood.  The house had good bones, but nearly everything else was in need of some serious power-leveling.   By that I mean the front door didn’t lock, the furnace was leaking carbon monoxide, everything nailed down was from the early 90s (or earlier)… well, you get the idea.  But we arrived with sleeves rolled up, full of enthusiasm, hopes, dreams, and rainbows.

I started this blog to document our house’s journey from OMG to OWNED!



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