Yardmageddon 2013: Part 2 – Terraforming

Continuing in our theme of outdoor experimentation, this weekend we planted grass seed.  The area where we planted was a mix of weeds, mulch, and some small patches of grass that naturally found its way into this area.  The goal is to fill this area in with grass, which will hopefully be easier to maintain than the mulch is.

Step 1: Pull out all the weeds

Step 2: Aggressively(!) rake the mulch so it’s not just a flat surface of packed down wood chips and dirt

Step 3: Empty a few bags of lawn soil over the area, rake it into the existing mulch/dirt mixture

Step 4: Spray grass seed all over the new soil/old soil mix

Step 5: Rake again to mix the grass seed into the new soil/old soil mix

Step 6: Water for ~10 minutes! (This day, and just about every day after until well-established)

Our afternoon, in photos: 

These long strips of edging are just a massive pain in the ass.  They’re hard to mow around, easy to trip on, they look like shit when they start breaking and popping out of the ground, they’re horrible to remove, and I have no idea how we’ll dispose of them so they’re piled up in the backyard.


Here’s the area we’re working in:


The evergreen’s stump makes a nice seat for the sprinkler.


This bin is packed with weeds from this area:


These are our supplies: Scotts Turf Builder LawnSoil and Scotts Grass Seed.  We’ll know in a few weeks if this stuff actually works.



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