Disposing of Old Electronics at Best Buy

disposing of old electronics at best buy

Even if you didn’t buy them here, you can get rid of them here!

This post could also be titled: Holy shit, I can’t believe I’m plugging Best Buy, the dying electronics behemoth of North America.

Disposing of old electronics at best buy is great! We took our box of electronic crapola to Best Buy today and they took it, no questions asked.

No wait.

No disposal fees.

No bullshit cellphone contract or warranty sales pitches.

For the three minutes I spent inside the store, I wasn’t miserable.

We have (had) several boxes in our closet dedicated to old electronics:

  • Cell phones (like, half a dozen)
  • Motherboards from ancient computers
  • IDE cables
  • Power supply
  • Video cards
  • Memory
  • Processors and processor fans
  • An old computer case

We’ve sat on this stuff (even moved a lot of it cross-country) out of inability to throw it away.  It’s not right to throw it in a landfill.  Yesterday we heard about Best Buy’s electronic recycling program.  I know what you’re thinking: wtf?  Best Buy is useful?

I highly recommend it.  Box up your crap, take it to Best Buy today.  It feels great.

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