Memorial Day Weekend Decorating Blitz

The MyHome Warehouse in Totem Lake (Washington state) is definitely our new favorite source of house loot.  The prices are at the upper end of what we consider reasonable but the goods appear to be high quality.  This jives with our new stuff-buying philosophy.

In the past, we’d snag cheap items from stores like Wal Mart and Target which were okay – and this applies to everything from clothing to home goods to shoes – but now we’re ready to save our pennies for high quality items we *LOVE*.  And we were DEFINITELY ready to start covering some of our bare walls with pretty art.

And oh boy, did we find some goodies!!


















The “Vase With Sticks In It” trend won me over at last!  The golden hue vase now cheering up the black shelf in our dining room was an amazing clearance find at MyHome.   The sticks themselves are from IKEA and this barely made a dent in the bundle!


















Over on the right side of the dining room we have our second indoor tree!  I love the way the vase and the tree work together to soften up what was originally a very hard, geometric-looking room.

I photographed these babies at MyHome, intending to “think about them” and come back later if I decided I liked them.   Thinking about them lasted about the time it took for us to walk to the register.  I ran back and grabbed them!   And after putting them into the family room, I can’t believe we almost left ’em there!!











One of them is helping pretty-up the corner of the family room that currently features our very chic drying rack:


















I rested the other on top of the book shelf, where it now fills what used to be a very empty spot of wall:











Surely that’s enough decorating by now?!  Nope.  Still decorating.  MyHome seriously has more art than I’ve ever seen in one place before.   We took three trips to MyHome before the weekend was over – the employees must think we’re nuts!

Jim and I both instantly fell in love with this beauty, which now graces our stairway:


















Aaaand this one too:











(Yes, that’s a pull-up bar mounted on the door to our computer room.  It’s impossible to resist the urge to do a pull up every other time we walk under it!)

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where, after he’s been kicked out of the All You Can Eat fish buffet for eating all the fish, Homer goes fishing?  That was us, except after we’d gotten everything we’d liked at MyHome we went to Fred Meyer, which has its own fairly robust home decoration department.  And there it was.

LOVE IT!   Especially love that it was 50% off!  But after getting it home I discovered a hitch in this grand plan:  it was meant to hang horizontally!  Not to be discouraged, I busted out my drill for some Arts and Crafts Time at the Level Up household!!











I was a little surprised at how easy it was to remove the hardware.  With a little help from my friends Yardstick and Level, I moved the hooks like so:











Ta-dah!  Now it hangs vertically and our entryway’s days of being a boring white wall are OVER!  In fact, the whole house just feels so much more complete with some art and decorations.

It was a little weird to buy things that serve no purpose other than beautification (especially when we still lack basics like end tables for our couch and furniture for several rooms), but it was totally worth it.  Never underestimate the power of art and decorations!

Open trunk; insert tree

When you get a rain-free day in Seattle and you need to do something outside, you immediately DROP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND YOU GO OUTSIDE.  For us, that meant getting this fake tree home from MyHome Wholesale.  It didn’t fit in the car, but the trip was just a couple miles so we just took our chances and hauled it home like this.

Look, a tree indoors!

Actually, I think this looks pretty good.  It brings a nice natural softness to the room.

Decorations? In MyHome?!

Jim and I ventured into the gigantic MyHome store warehouse in Kirkland for the first time. WOW.  I’m in love.   The decorating instinct doesn’t come naturally to either of us, but we’re both aware of the need to fill our empty corners and cover our bare walls with something.

To remember what we liked, I photographed anything we were both enthusiastic about in the store.  We’ll browse through ’em later at home and see what makes it to the next round.  Sometimes a photo is great at revealing details we didn’t notice in the store!  Giving ourselves time to consider a purchase also helps prevent overspending.

Some of my favorites from this trip:










A decorative tree would add some much needed texture and variety to an empty corner of the family or living room.








I love the way its both organic and geometric at the same time.










NO WAY – a real throne!  Time out while we sit in it and photograph each other.










Our vaulted-ceiling family room would love this super huge tree, but our wallets would NOT love its $800 price tag!








An entire niche of steampunk art and accessories?  Whooo!








I love this tree painting.  The squares make it look pixilated!









If you’re ever in need of a giant vase to put some crazy sticks in, MyHome’s got you covered.  I lol’d at first, but now this “pot and sticks” look is starting to grow on me.  I could just see it in a corner or next to the fireplace.

We’re going to return to MyHome this weekend to (hopefully) snag some Memorial Day sale-price goodness.

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